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Holland Roden for Line Magazine S/S 2014

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Anonymous whispered:what if derek was actually derek's middle name, and he and stiles bond over horrible parents who give their children horrible unpronounceable first names 


imagine if Derek’s first name was Wolfgang because his mom thought she was hilarious, and he’s never told anyone but somehow Stiles finds out and launches himself into thirty million jokes, and Derek shuts him out of the apartment like WE WILL NEVER BE SPEAKING AGAIN. but, Stiles doesn’t let it go, addresses letters to him, changes Derek’s name in his phone to Wolfnogang and has clothes labels made with his full name WOLFGANG DEREK HALE. like, totally finds it hilarious until Derek literally EXPLODES and steps in the cake Stiles has made saying “CONGRATS ON THE AWFUL FIRST NAME” and yells like “i thought the worst thing my mom would ever do was give me that name, and then she went and left me all on my own in this crappy world, can’t you just leave it the fuck alone?!” and obviously, Stiles feels like the worst human ever, didn’t see it like that, but TOTALLY GETS IT, because ditto, and he sits down on the couch, lets Derek pace it out (they’re at the point in their friendship where Stiles totally thought they’d be able to have a laugh about the name thing, okay, he and Derek have loads of in jokes, he needs to wait this one out)

then after a while, when Derek’s stalked into the bedroom and slammed the door, Stiles goes and knocks. he is given a grunt, told to go away, and obviously Stiles has never ever listened to Derek when he tells him to go away, knows it pretty much means the opposite these days, and launches into the story of his own first name, and how his mom always used it when she was feeling really loving, like it was something special, but nobody at school could spell it, no one could say it, so he started erasing it, picked something short and dumb and he regrets it to this day because it was the name his mom chose for him, and he’s sorry that he turned Derek’s name into a joke, he didn’t think, he’d just assumed it was another thing they had in common, bury the guilt with layers of sharp sarcasm and forced humour, he was trying to keep the entire ~discovery a light hearted thing, and Derek opens the door, looking totally wrecked, rolls his eyes like “you always do that, sometimes i need you to be serious” and Stiles hears “i need you” and gives him a hug. 

and every once in a while, months, maybe years later, he yells Derek’s first name when Derek is in trouble, left his sneakers where Stiles could trip over them, or drank the last of the milk WHEN STILES LEFT A NOTE ON IT SAYING DON’T DRINK THIS, and it makes Derek feel kinda warm inside because it’s like a little piece of family. and in the same respect, he learns how to pronounce Stiles’ first name, mumbles it into his shoulder sometimes when they’re curled up on the couch or making dinner. and it’s nice, special, private, an odd in joke with deep sentimentality okay, those are the best kind tbh.

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make me choosesaumsherri asked: outlaw queen or swan queen

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we’re a timebomb

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Dean Winchester Meme: Dean + Body Parts (3/3)

↳ Shoulders

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